Servant Leadership Course Leads to Change and Impacts Togo School

Servant Leadership Course Brings Change that Results in Togo School

A Leader’s Self-Awareness Brings Change that Impacts 320 Students

“Our church had launched the creation Servant Leadership Course Togoof a private school, but then abruptly our funding ended after the first year of primary school. That was 2012.

“In my heart, I thought I should leave. I left the church and the school was closed.

“When I received the DAI course, I returned to the church. I thought, I’m a designer leader, I can lift these challenges.

“I invested what I had borrowed to build my home for the construction of the school. At the time there were 12 students and 2 teachers, whom I paid a small salary.

“Today, the school is evolving and there are 320 students. It is now through the school that we pay the pastor and other church expenses.”

DAI Impact Study

Servant Leadership Impact Study Testimonial

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DAI Non-Formal Impact Study

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