Servant Leadership Impacts Ugandan Government

DAI's Servant Leadership training is making a difference at the highest levels of government in Uganda.

"It's about skill AND it's about the heart."

Irene Kisaka, from the office of the First Lady, shares, "It's not about becoming a prominent person in Uganda, it's about service to God and to His people. It's about skill AND it's about the heart." 

Irene works as the Principal Assistant to the First Lady of Uganda, as well as the Principal Assistant Secretary in the office of the Prime Minister. The First Lady has chosen to serve as Prime Minister for the Karamoja region in addition to her responsibilities as First Lady of Uganda.

DAI’s Servant Leadership
Irene Kisaka at Deliverance Church, in Kampala, Uganda

Irene started her career as a volunteer with World Vision before joining the Uganda government as an Immigration Officer, where she served for fourteen years. She attended a Servant Leadership workshop at her church and shares she "had never been to a leadership training that appealed to me like this one." Irene knew this training was something she wanted to be a part of and chose to attend a 22-week training program using many of DAI's materials.

She then chose to enroll in DAI's Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership program through Uganda Christian University.

"One of the key things I learnt in the MA program is the idea of Servant Leadership. The key lesson that helps me handle people well is that God is very interested in how I treat other people. Regardless of who they are, or their status, He is interested in the way I treat them.  It’s about empowering other people. It’s about leaving other people better than you found them. This has blessed me a lot," shares Irene.

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The First Lady Asks Irene to Join Her Team

DAI MAOL program
President Museveni and the Honorable Janet Museveni at her MAOL graduation October 2015.

After fourteen years Irene thought she had hit the peak of her career and was not looking for a change. Then she received an unexpected call from the First Lady's office. The Honorable Janet Museveni was looking for a Christian with a heart for national transformation and Irene came very highly recommended. The First Lady asked her to lead her team.

"I am grateful God has given me the opportunity to influence at a higher level," says Irene.

In her new position, Irene coordinated training workshops using DAI material. A short time later, Mrs. Museveni was invited to a graduation where students testified to the impact the DAI material had on their lives. "When we came back the First Lady wanted to experience what the students had referred to. As a result, we put a team together and she went through the 22 week course. During this time Jane Overstreet, DAI CEO/President, came to Kampala and the First Lady met with her. It was out of this meeting she agreed to do the MAOL program," shares Irene.  The Honorable Janet Museveni graduated from the program in October 2015.

"I have seen the benefits of this training in the way our work is done and the way relationships have improved. There is an awareness of being here to serve and being accountable to God for how we lead and serve.

If I had not attended the first workshop, where I learned about leadership and DAI, I think my life would have taken a very different turn.

Lessons on Integrity Make a Difference

leadership development
Irene Kisaka in her office at the Office of the Prime Minister

At Internal Affairs, I led the department that issues work permits, permanent residence, citizenship and there were many who would have paid me a great deal to assist them. But the integrity I learnt from this program has been very transformational for me. I worked with people with who have ended up in prison, who were not necessarily bad people. But maybe they didn’t have the opportunity to learn the things I learnt, to be mentored the way I have been.

Thank you DAI for equipping us with resources and knowledge. Thank you for bringing the awareness that, as leaders, we are here to serve and to empower those that God brings unto us,"  says Irene.

Please help equip Christian leaders like Irene with the gift of leadership training.

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