“Young people of Cameroon need servant leadership training to impact our country.” – Shekina Glory

Meet Shekina Glory, an Influencer at Only 12 Years Old.

by Rebecca Hauser, Development Officer

Every Saturday 12-year-old Shekina Glory and her friends study the Bible. To escape the heat, they gather around her family’s patio table in the bustling capital city of Yaoundé, Cameroon.

These genuine girls search God’s word for instruction on how to be model Christians in their school and community. Shekina explains, “We decided to form a group because we trust in our youths. We know that youth can make greater things. Youth can even teach big people.”

Shekina Glory and her friends see themselves as influencers and have been asking God how they can be better leaders in the midst of a corrupt and tenuous society. Shekina sees DAI's course, Servant Leadership for Youth as an answer to their prayer.

This summer, DAI launched the Servant Leadership for Youth course by training 20 youth pastors and teachers as volunteer facilitators. The very next week over 20 young people participated in the course. Shekina Glory was one of them. Their days were filled with Bible study, laughter, worship, boisterous activities, great questions, and real-life leadership lessons youth face at home and at school.

“What I have learned that I did not know before,” Shekina Glory reflects, “is that a leader is someone who has a heart for his people. I used to think that a leader was on top of the order, but now I have learned that a leader must be on the same level, you must not be higher than another one.”

Emeline Nde, Ministry Center Director of Cameroon and organizer of this workshop shares, “If we train the youths today, then we are sure that in 20 year's time…when they understand servant leadership then they can become the leaders that we want them to be. When I see these youths I feel hopeful I feel, like there is a future for us as a nation.”

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