The Churches Program moved from Haiti Partners to DAI

About the DAI Haiti Ministry Center

Development Associates International (DAI) is excited to welcome a new member, Haiti, to our fellowship of committed servant leader trainers, mentors, and coaches! Rather than creating a ministry from scratch, DAI wonderfully inherited one that has a long history of impact in Haiti. By joining DAI, we believe God can also use them to impact leaders in the rest of the world.

Enel Angervil, his team of trainers, and the 50+ Micah Scholars are setting a new course for their homeland through developing Christian leaders and their community.

This team of committed and passionate Haitians have a 13-year track record of tackling the most pressing issues in their community. Issues like poorly trained authoritarian leadership, creation care, poverty alleviation, women’s rights, and child rights. They train the Haitian Church and Christian leaders to embody the radical change their nation needs. They are changing Haiti from within.

Trained Leaders and Churches
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Micah Scholars

What is Next

The Churches Program is so critical to the future of Haiti and DAI wants the work to continue. That’s why as they transitioned out of Haiti Partners, they found a new home in DAI. Enel, his team, and the Micah Scholars now make up the DAI Haiti Ministry Center.

In addition to continuing their strong leadership development programs, the team can now incorporate DAI's 18 workshops on Christian servant leadership principles and practices and hopes to launch DAI’s Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership.

Here’s the catch, we are not satisfied with keeping their wisdom on the island of Haiti. We want them to reach out to the Haitian diaspora worldwide, starting with their neighbor the Dominican Republic. We will translate their curriculum from Creole into French and English so we can incorporate it into DAI’s Biblical leadership training across 85 nations. And we will translate our courses into Creole.

We want Haiti to teach the world how to succeed!

We hope you will continue to invest in Micah Scholars and the Churches Program through this transition and beyond! What you have faithfully invested in Haiti is going global and we want you to be a part of it!

Equip Christian Leaders and Transform Haiti

Impact communities by equipping Christians with the right servant leadership tools.

Make an investment today!

Haiti Team


Enel Angervil

Ministry Center Director, Haiti

Enel joined DAI in 2018 as Ministry Center Director bringing with him a dozen of years of experience training leaders and churches in Haiti. DAI-Haiti operates under the name of Fondasyon Kominote Kretyen an Aksyon (Community of Christians in Action) in Haiti. Enel has worked as a pastor, educator, and community leader on the island of La Gonâve for nearly 20 years. He has a Bachelor’s of Divinity from Fishers of Men Seminary of Port-au-Prince. He is married and has a teenage son and daughter. 


Kent Annan

Senior Consultant

Kent is author of You Welcomed Me: Loving Refugees and Immigrants Because God First Loved Us (forthcoming, November 2018), Slow Kingdom Coming (2016), After Shock (2011), and Following Jesus through the Eye of the Needle (2009).

He is director of humanitarian and disaster leadership at Wheaton College, where he leads an M.A. program as part of the Humanitarian Disaster Institute. He’s on the board of directors of Equitas Group, a philanthropic foundation focused on ending child exploitation in Haiti and Southeast Asia. He cofounded Haiti Partners. And he’s a senior consultant for Development Associates International, which trains Christian leaders around the world.

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Top 10 Frequently Asked Questions

What does this change mean for the Churches Program and Micah Scholars?

The Micah Scholars and the Churches Program are not going away. Joining DAI's global association of leadership developers, means increased opportunities for Enel and his team to expand on the great work they already have accomplished. Helping pastors and leaders dig into financial management, strategic planning, mentoring, and coaching are all key needs in Haiti and DAI already has workshops and online courses to meet those needs. 

DAI is committed to supporting the current Micah Scholars through the end of their schooling. If you are a Micah Scholar sponsor, we would love to see that partnership continue through DAI. There even might be future opportunities to scholarship Micah Scholar graduates through DAI's Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership.

The future is an open door for open exchange of ideas and best practices between DAI's global staff located in over 30 nations and Enel, his team, and the Micah Scholars.

It's exciting! We hope this transition will spark even more commitment and support of the great leadership training happening in Haiti.

What is the Mission and Vision of DAI?

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