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DAI Requesting Donations to Provide Food and Medicine to Those in Desperate Need


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Bishop Alapayo, of the Rumbek Diocese in the Episcopal Church of South Sudan, is leading DAI’s training efforts there. He wrote the following to us this week:

“The situation is so bad. Already eight have died from lack of food in Rumbek. Some food and medicine is available for purchase, but the prices are so high that it is out of reach for most people. I am appealing for all those of good will to help our people who are now in Rumbek. They ran away from the fighting in Wau and Juba with their children, have come here and are now longing for food and medicine.


Please help bring relief to those desperately in need today. 100% of your donation for the South Sudan Appeal will be used to distribute food, medicine and relief.


The Current Situationsouth sudan appeal

Fighting in Juba has left hundreds of people dead or injured and tens of thousands displaced. Many of the refugees pouring into neighboring Uganda, Kenya and Sudan have been carrying malnourished children, according to the refugee agency UNHCR.

The food crisis is affecting some 4.8 million people, over one-third of the population. The fighting is expected to exacerbate the already extremely high levels of malnutrition and food insecurity in South Sudan. The country is also seeing a sharp increase in suspected cholera cases due to a lack of water.


Please Continue Praying with the Christians of South Sudan

The bishop shares, “Last week I was leading our churches in the diocese of Rumbek to pray for the Nation. We condemn all acts of violence without exception. The time for carrying and using weapons has ended; now is the time to build a peaceful nation.” Pray for inspiration, wisdom and courage for church leaders who could have a positive influence on the leaders of all sides of this complex situation.


Please donate to help families in South Sudan today.  Learn more about DAI’s work in South Sudan.

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