Spiritual Growth in Central Asia

Spiritual Growth Central Asia


Working with younger leaders is a primary strategy for DAI throughout Central Asia, as they are hungry for teaching, mentoring and support.


DAI’s Spiritual Formation course opens the door for Christian leaders in Central Asia to discover how to trust God. A DAI staff Donate to Transformmember shares, “People are used to seminars, and quickly forget them in a couple of weeks. In this regard, it becomes important to build the learning process so that it is not only informative, but formative. This can be achieved only through personal and deep and long relationships, influencing, helping to pass the difficult moments in life and in ministry.”

Nigina, a school teacher and a leader in her local church, shares her experience with DAI, “I am very thankful for the opportunity to be part of the Spiritual Formation course. It is simple enough to understand and deep enough to challenge you in your daily walk with God. It helps me to get out of my ‘box’ of understanding God.

“What is important is that this material is not just a theory. The group-work makes things very practical and allows us to stay accountable and open, which is so important for spiritual growth. “I have gone through some hardships in my life while participating in the course. I am sure I would have reacted very differently if I was not in the process of getting to know God better.

I’m looking forward to receiving more from DAI during this interesting adventure.”


Leaders Served in Central Asia


Provide a Christian leader with a life-transforming workshop. 

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