Taking Servant Leadership to South Sudan

"In Africa, there are rulers and no leaders."

A desire to help heal his country and bring positive change to impact the future of his conflict-ridden nation.

Alapayo Kuctiel is a Bishop of Rumbek Diocese in the Episcopal Church of South Sudan. He has a strong desire to help heal his country and bring positive change to impact the future of this conflict-ridden nation. Bishop Alapayo hopes to accomplish this through DAI's Servant Leadership programs. He shares, "We have started training pastors but the community is big and it is not easy because there are no roads, no transport and insecurity. We need people to pray for us."

When we asked him why he feels the DAI training will make a difference he replied, "The disease, or the sickness of the people, whether in secular, churches or in the government is the leaders. In Africa there are rulers and no leaders who can lead people in a way they can grow as one people. DAI materials are very practical, and practical is better than theory. The leaders cannot change unless they are well informed."

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Church Leaders Will Be the Ones to Impact Change

The Bishop also shared that the church is very well respected in South Sudan, which makes it possible for church leaders, to impact change. "The respect given to the churches is very high.  When the church comes with a new thing, the people are welcoming, but if an organization or the government started a new thing they are not excited. The church does not have a hidden agenda," shares Alapayo.

He is leading the DAI's ministry center in South Sudan and is facing both great difficulty and opportunities in the midst of the most recent fighting and political chaos. 

Please support the efforts of leaders like Bishop Alapayo with the gift of leadership training.

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