Strike in Cameroon Prompts DAI Cameroon Prayer Request

Prayers Requested Following Lawyer and Teacher Strike in Cameroon


Teacher strike in CameroonThe political atmosphere in Cameroon is currently very volatile. Thousands of teachers and lawyers in English-speaking regions of Cameroon are on strike, because they think the government is trying to marginalize them by imposing the French language on their schools and courts. So many people have lost their lives, personal and public properties have been destroyed and some burnt down. Some youths have been arrested and jailed.

There have been no schools in the Southern Cameroon since November DAI Cameroon2016. On Monday, January 9th, the area was like that of a Ghost town, no shops were open, no circulation of vehicles etc.

This is greatly impacting the work of DAI in these regions. We covet the prayers from the DAI family that God will bring peace and Justice in these regions and the Nation as a whole.  The issue remains that there is a lack of servant leaders with hearts compassionate enough to do what is best for the people. Right now, being an English Cameroonian means picking a side, which we cannot do as members and leaders in the body of Christ.


As DAI Cameroon, we stand for a united Cameroon. On the other-hand we also speak out against injustice and lawlessness.

Therefore, our prayer request is this:

  • Please pray for the DAI Cameroon staff, for wisdom as we interact with leaders during this time.
  • We are asking the Lord to touch the hearts of our leaders, to show compassion to all Cameroonians especially those within the English speaking regions.
  • We are praying for godly leaders in our nation.
  • We are praying for godly laws to be enacted in our land in such a way that the common man can understand them and not fall victim.
  • We are praying for a peaceful solution to the issue of marginalization in English speaking Cameroon.
  • We are praying that the government will protect the people, not destroy them for their own selfish interest.
  • We are praying for equal opportunity for every Cameroonian and that they will be no more bloodshed.
  • We do not want this strike to escalate into a civil war.  We have seen what that does to nations and we do not want that.
  • We are praying for a united Church in Cameroon speaking the peace of God over the land and working for the good of all in the nation.
  • We are praying that Cameroonians will look up and discover that God is their ultimate source of everything valuable that makes a nation prosperous. That we will seek Him and be led by Him.

Thank you for your prayers.


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