The Best Leader is a Servant

DAI’s Servant Leadership For John Wood, “a good leader is someone who encourages and motivates people to get something good or something necessary done. A great leader, the best leaders, are those who accomplish that — who encourage, who motivate, who really get people excited about being a part of something that they’re doing — not by ruling but rather, as Jesus said, by serving…”

“To me, the ultimate example of servant leadership, integrity in the Bible is John 13, where just the night before he was crucified, Jesus, having loved his disciples, loved them to the end and took off his robes, put a towel around his waist and did the one thing that no Jewish family could force another Jew who served them to do, and that was wash feet…”

Development Associates International could not agree more. Servant leadership is the core of who we are and what we do.

John serves as Senior Pastor of Cedar Springs Presbyterian Church, a supporting church of DAI. He shares these thoughts and more on leadership with Knoxville News Sentinel as part of the Leadership Maxims for the 21st Century series.

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