The Privilege of Investing By Paul Borthwick, DAI Senior Consultant

Three specific events over the past year have made Christie and me excited about DAI’s decision to deeply invest in next generation leaders.


Younger Leaders
Christie Borthwick at the SAIL Conference in Nepal (September) With women leaders from Pakistan, Dominican Republic, Bangladesh & NE India

At the DAI-related South Asia Leadership conference in Nepal in September 2015, my wife, Christie, and I had the opportunity to hear from, and encourage the vision of, young leaders from South Asia looking to influence cultures and nations dominated by Hinduism, Islam and Buddhism. Their energy and creativity is focused on bringing Kingdom-of-God values into government, business, technology and the church.
At the DAI 20th Anniversary gathering in Egypt in June 2016, we listened to younger leaders articulate their vision for the future of DAI and their open invitation to older leaders to walk their journey with them.

And finally, at the Lausanne Younger Leaders Gathering in Jakarta in August 2016, I met young men and women serving as Christian leaders under oppression in places like Iran and Syria; serving to transform cultures in places like Sri Lanka and Western Europe; and looking to shape the marketplace with Christian values and integrity in places like Brazil and the Middle East.
At this stage in our lives, and in the ministry of DAI, it is our great privilege to help encourage and shape younger men and women who will take the Christian movement into places we will never be able to go.

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