Reflections from DAI Nepal Staff Member

DAI Staff Member

“With the heart to serve a few that have lost their smiles ever since nature brought that gigantic tragedy not long ago, our Emerging Leaders team headed towards a nearby area, called Bungmati, Khokana. The sight of the village was just a glimpse of what had happened to Nepal. To see those faces looking towards each one of us passing through, hoping for us to bring them a new hope to restart their normal life again, was such a heart-wrenching picture.

Every one of us was stirred immensely to do something from our end, but there was not a clear picture about what exactly we could do for them. With a heart of prayer, we distributed whatever we had to those 35 families living in that area. We could only imagine the pain that lies behind the smiles, which they offered us.  They were thankful, even for our small effort.

We headed back on our journey, questioning ourselves “how we are responsible as Emerging Leaders of His Kingdom to give the best from our end to address this situation? It could be you and me, it could have been any one of us, but by the grace of God we are saved. So let’s ask God His reason for saving us, is it because we are righteous than those who died? Surely not! Is it because we are someone more special than those who died! No!  Everyone is equally important in his eyes. So what then?

Our race hasn’t been completed yet. God has put us here to serve those who are in need. God has saved us to help others who are not saved yet. Let’s unite to bring a new light to the families who lost their hope by losing their family, relatives, houses and everything they have. Let’s help them to see the hope for life that we continuously see in Him by demonstrating Christ’s love through our lives.”

Please consider a donation to help provide resources for these young people to reach out to their communities please.

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