Training in French Equips Christians to be a Leading Voice in Their Countries

by Kelly Kumbu, Regional Director for the Francophone World

Recently, I was approached by a Christian leader at a DAI workshop. With a beaming face, he shook my hand and said something about a personal epiphany he gained about his life and leadership. Then he asked a rhetorical question that betrayed his frustration with the Church in his country: “Why is the Church culture not characterized by the values of excellence and efficiency?”

This seasoned leader’s words echo the sentiments of many in the Francophone region.

DAI’s active presence in the region has played a critical role in creating a new leadership paradigm rooted in the biblical worldview. In a day and age when French-speaking leaders still remain among the least-engaged leaders in the Christian world due to English being a more dominate economic language, DAI stepped in with training materials in French. They provide an excellent way for thousands of leaders from various backgrounds, denominations, occupations and even ages to grow.

In Cameroon for instance, DAI recognizes the value of training youth to use their giftings to change their circumstances and culture. While in Senegal, DAI encourages men and women to work together in leadership as God's image-bearers and co-stewards of His creation.

In other countries, like Burkina Faso, Cote d'Ivoire, and Togo, the Church is growing in leaps and bounds while facing some unique challenges, like persecution of Muslim background believers. Thus, DAI prioritizes teaching Christian leaders to strategically plan for future growth and the resulting pushback.

Finally, DAI teaches servant leadership in Burundi, the Republic of Congo, and Haiti, where the Church has also grown exponentially and has faced discipleship challenges. It risks becoming a mile wide and an inch deep.

DAI - Orientation, Sri Lanka 2017

"DAI is expanding our services in French to enable us to
annually train 10,000 leaders by 2020. We dream to raise up
a corps of Francophone leaders who will live out Christ-like
leadership and promote the values of excellence, integrity
and efficiency in their milieu." - Kelly


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Will you help DAI train 10,000 leaders in French by 2020?

1 thought on “Training in French Equips Christians to be a Leading Voice in Their Countries”

  1. GAHA NANYA Gaelle

    Good brother Kelly !!!
    May our lord provide all wich is need for this work to be contiue … as a camerounian and as a french speaker, i have so struggle to get those tranings on Servant LeadershiP for Adults and for Youth, strategic management, integrity and finance … It was difficult even which the translation’s help during the courses. But because of my passion to get this equipements to be an effecient an excellent leader according to the KINGDOM of GOD, I have Overcome this language Mountains … but I am asking myself … How many french speaker leader will be so engage till the point that they Overcome ?
    So thank you for breaking this Mountains for others french leaders to be empowers through DAI.
    More blessings !!!

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