Transforming Togo

DAI’s Leadership Workshop

Simon Pierre Gatera pioneered the ministry of Development Associates International (DAI) in Togo. He trains Christians to lead with a servant’s heart, like Jesus.

After completing a DAI workshop, Jean-Mark, a leader of a Christian ministry said, “I cannot find the words to thank Mr. Gatera from whom I acquired all this knowledge. To thank him really, I shall put all these teachings in practice.” And he did.

Jean-Marc’s CEO asked him to fire their hard-working accountant because he listened to music every day.  In the CEO’s eyes, he was using too much electricity. Jean-Marc protected the accountant saying, “It’s better to manage conflict with patience, to restore relationships, than to throw out the people who cause problems. What if our accountant cannot find another job?” Defending the accountant’s job put his own job on the line.

Thankfully the CEO conceded. After a time of asking questions and listening to the accountant, Jean-Marc discovered that the accountant is a people-oriented person employed to work alone in a task-oriented position. He listens to music to fulfill his need for human interaction.

developing leadership skills

This epiphany allowed the Jean-Marc to place the accountant in a different position that provided a lot of human interaction. The accountant’s habit of listening to music stopped. What looked like a loss became a win-win situation.

Jean-Marc’s story is one of many stories of transformation. As always, DAI is honored to walk alongside these leaders who are brave and humble enough to develop their own leadership for the sake of their followers.

About Togo: A long, skinny country in Western Africa best known for its cocoa, coffee and cotton. This nation of just under 7 million only employs 2.6 million. Their GDP just barely surpasses 3 billion USD. To put that in perspective: if you divide the GDP by the population of the country, the US brings in 104 times the amount of money per person than Togo. A comparison of $47,744 USD to only $457. That’s just barely over $1 per day per person when the US earns $132. Togo has a small economy, but also has great untapped potential.

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