Update from DAI Nepal Ministry Center Director

Greetings from Nepal,

We want to thank you so much for every effort you have made to share the news of the devastating DAI Nepal Earthquakeearthquake on 25th April in Nepal that opened the hearts of people to pray for us and donate the funds to provide some relief to the victims.  Just over two weeks after more than 8,000 people died in the earthquake, Nepal got hit hard again on 12th May by another powerful tremor that has left more than 100 dead and more than 2,000 injured, as reported till now. Even though the death toll is not so high compared to the first one, hundreds of buildings have collapsed as they were frequently shaken by the aftershocks. People are again terrified, much like what happened in the days after April 25. This has happened when people were thinking life was returning back to normalcy, but now they are more frightened.

The picture here is Omkar Policlinic Hospital that was just falling down when I was driving my motorbike home from the office on Tuesday after the tremor. It was terrible to experience another big shock, as we all thought that the earthquake was over. The normalcy of peoples’ daily life in Kathmandu has been affected badly again, moving almost all people to outside in open spaces in the tents. People are leaving Kathmandu in a mass like they did soon after April 25th. The reason for leaving KTM is either people want to go back home and check with their family and/or because of the fear that a stronger earthquake will hit Kathmandu. There were very few vehicles running on the street of Kathmandu both yesterday and today.

There are many (maybe more than 30) aftershocks in the last two days. It is scary as we hear rumors referring different news sources that predict of another big one coming soon. There are predictions of aftershocks by well-known sources like CNN that has reported “The fact such a big quake hit so soon after the one last month indicates that more tremors could come at any time.”

The fear and road blocks due to landslides have halted the relief work going on in other surrounding districts of Kathmandu. Another new district, Dolakha, has been very badly affected where more than 90 percent of the houses have collapsed due to this recent tremor. Please pray without ceasing that the people in remote places may get the relief and support as soon as possible.

We have postponed the regular programs for now that we had planned earlier, rather we are concentrating to provide relief services through whatever ways we can, mostly through the organizations and initiatives of DAI related persons (both formal and non-formal program graduates). We appreciate DAI US office, and all other DAI offices and friends for making all the efforts to raise funds to support the nation of Nepal for such a huge crisis. It’s been a privilege to administer those funds on the ground, in conjunction with our DAI South Asia Director.  

Thank you so much for your continued concern, care and prayers for us. May the almighty Lord take control over the situation here in Nepal. Please pray specially for the people in remote places many of those who have survived, have lost their family members, houses, livestock and everything, the hopes and meaning of their survival.

With much appreciation,

Narayan Khadka

Director, Nepal Ministry Center

Kathmandu, Nepal

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