Remembering the life and legacy of Vicki Gascho

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The following is an article written by Vicki in August 2018 as she felt her illness progressing and stepped back from being so active at DAI. We include it today because it captures so much of her heart and spirit.


Salutations from Vicki Gascho

Nearly nine years ago a friend told my husband Dick and me about a ministry called DAI and suggested that we inquire into one of their faculty orientations. We showed up—almost like walk-ons to a sports club! I can’t vouch for DAI’s first impressions, but for our part, we immediately connected not only with the mission of servant leadership but with the hearts of the leaders and other newcomers who wanted to give themselves to God on behalf of others. Shortly thereafter we began to facilitate courses in the MAOL program. Eventually I gave additional time to come alongside DAI faculty to offer encouragement, suggest resources, and talk through their needs and issues big and small.

One of the results of the “resourcing” has been the Facilitate newsletter. It has been gratifying to introduce new ideas or discuss known-but-neglected practices, confident that among our worldwide group of facilitators, someone, somewhere would be helped to teach more effectively. Other facilitators and staff stepped in to contribute their gifted expertise as well. And of course, the interaction with coordinators, international staff, facilitators, and students was kept alive by opportunities to travel and facilitate.

During the last three years, increasing health concerns have gradually diminished my ability and energy to continue giving quality effort to the role, and thus it is now time to pass my small torch to others who will ignite new flames and carry them high and brightly. This is all coming at a great time. Elsewhere in this letter, you will read about the beautiful way God is providing men and women who will steer DAI to new effectiveness as they walk through doors that are opening all over the world.

To God be the Glory!

Vicki Gascho


7 thoughts on “Remembering the life and legacy of Vicki Gascho”

  1. A Note from Burkina Faso:

    We have learned about our sister VICKI and are sincerely bereaved. Vicki did a lot for DAI and I know that everyone who participated in the 1st DAI Africa Francophone conference in 2017 in Ouagadougou (Burkina Faso) must keep a good memory of her. Especially me, whom she nicknamed “African beautiful flower”. But “God has given, he has taken again”, may his name be glorified. DAI Francophone, we extend our sincere condolences to the family of DAI USA and to the bereaved family. We pray that the Lord will comfort the family, his friends and his collaborators.

  2. A Note from India:

    I just got this news from friends that Dr. Vicki Gasho went to be with the Lord early this morning. What a blessed life. She did finish well having completed all that the Father has given her to do. Such lives are worth emulating even as they pour out into others in spite of their pain. Indeed a fragrant offering that spreads the aroma of Christ.

  3. A Note from India:

    I am deeply saddened by this loss. I have very fond memories of Vicki. She will be greatly missed. May God cover the Gascho family with his peace and comfort.

  4. My first facilitators were the Gaschos. She laid a solid foundation for our MA program which fired us up and made the program very interesting and rewarding.
    Accept her soul Oh Lord, grant her eternal rest and may the Gaschos be comforted.

  5. Clene Nyiramahoro

    I was saddened by the news of the passing of Viki. This is a great loss for her family and for DAI and for the Church. I remember always looking forward to reading news about DAI that she beautifully shared with fail. May her legacy bear much more fruit and may the Lord give comfort to her family and friends.

  6. A Note From Egypt:

    She was a true inspiration for us by her life and ministry! She was seizing every single opportunity to encourage and empower us throughout our journey. She was very patient with us and truly living for others! She was a true, genuine and living testimony! She was a mentor and a true servant-leader!
    I thank God for giving me the chance to meet her and be taught by her. I thank God for your life and for the impact you’ve done in me and many others around the globe, even during your illness!
    I owe you a lot indeed!
    I believe you’re finally home, enjoying the presence of our Lord Jesus where there is no more pain nor grieve!
    Thank you for everything!

  7. Aunt Vicky (as I call her) was my best facilitator. The first and only time we met was when I enrolled for MAOL in Abuja in July 2013. She taught us Teaching and learning while Dick Gascho took us Leadership. What a perfect combination. We kept corresponding via email till about 2 weeks before she passed on and I didn’t even know she was that sick until Kevin Grenier told me when we first met in Kaduna November 2019 when I asked him how she was doing. This is the greatest expression of selfless service as far as I am concerned, such that weeks to her passing on she was still helping out. Now I also facilitate the MAOL program and I never stop talking about how she has influenced how I learn and teach.

    I will always miss Aunt Vicky.

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