We Are Grateful for you in 2018

We are grateful for an amazing year.

We are grateful for the trouble that has made us grittier,

the rest that has enabled us to carry on,

the adversity that has forced us to depend on Him,

the friendships that have restored our hope in humanity,

the hardships that have made us more grateful for the good,

the disasters that remind us how short and good life is,

the strong hand of God’s guidance to save us when it is too much,

the deep eternal wealth of rich relationships,

and most of all the relationship with our Jesus.

We feel so privileged that He lets messed up folks like us play on His team and keeps pouring His grace out on us. Thanks for helping keep us on the field.


For those who got the Rated R update or follow on FB you have already seen Walker’s new little video’s but for those who haven’t I am proud of the boy… what father isn’t?



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