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Workshop #1 – What in the World is God Doing? Immigration, Missions and the Local Church

A practical, highly interactive, Biblically-based 6 hour workshop

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  • The Real Truth about Migration and Immigration. Worldwide migration – what is the real story? Who are the immigrants coming to the United States? Why are they coming?
  • Kingdom Perspectives on Immigration. How is global migration and immigration related to the Great Commission? What does the Scripture say about migration and immigration? Why is God bringing the world to our doorsteps?
  • How Does the US Immigration System Work? How do people come to the USA legally? Why do people say our immigration system is “broken”? Why don’t people come to the US legally? Do immigrants pay taxes and contribute to our economy?
  • How Can Your Church Respond? What are the needs of immigrants? How can we love our new neighbors? What are some of the practical ways Christians and churches can engage over the long-term?

Workshop Facilitator

Karl Mueller is the son of refugees who grew up in an immigrant community. As a result he understands some of the challenges newcomers face in North America. He is a Senior Consultant with DAI with 35 years of ministry experience in local churches and mission agencies. Karl holds a degree in Missiology from Fuller Theological Seminary.

Workshop #2 –  Community  Development, Justice and Social Change

A practical, highly interactive, Biblically-based 12 hour workshop

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  • How Worldview Impacts Development, Justice and Social Change
  • Biblical Perspectives on Wealth – How should those with more financial resources steward their funds as they work among the poor?
  • Biblical Perspectives on Poverty – How does God view the poor? How should Christians respond to the poor and poverty?
  • Relief, Rehabilitation and Development –How can we know whether our local and global ministries are creating dependency or paving the way to sustainability and long-term justice and social change?
  • Principles for Effective Development and Social Change –How can we walk alongside local and global communities in a way that will encourage long-term transformation and development?

Workshop Facilitator

Karl Mueller is a Senior Consultant with DAI. His 35 years of ministry have taken him to 40 nations. Karl’s experience includes YWAM leadership, a Missions and Justice Pastor in two mega-churches, an NGO leader, and a Bible College President. He has extensive experience in wholistic ministry in Central America and Africa. Karl holds a degree in Missiology from Fuller Theological Seminary.

About DAI

 For 20 years DAI (www.daintl.org) has been committed to servant leadership. Through mentoring, coaching and training ministries leaders are transformed and communities impacted around the world. In 2015 DAI’s 80+ staff from 25 nations measurably impacted over 25,000 leaders in over 70 nations.

If your church or ministry would like to host a workshop, please contact Karl Mueller at kmueller@daitemp.flywheelsites.com for more information.

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