Reaching Young Professionals will Help Influence Churches, Workplaces and Families

DAI Marketplace Ministry Coordinator, Yawng Ku, shares why the team is focused on equipping young professionals with much-needed leadership training and spiritual mentoring.

young professionalsMyanmar has a significantly large youth population, with 55% under the age of 30. As the country grows both economically and spiritually, many of the young people are finding they do not have the proper training or experience to be effective leaders.

Additionally, because Myanmar is predominately Buddhist, many young Christian leaders find that they are the only Christian in their office and struggle with how to live out their faith at work. The goal of DAI’s Marketplace Ministry is to create a community for these leaders so they can grow together in their faith, leadership and identity in Christ.

“Myanmar's young leaders need our support to be prepared for future opportunities.”

We believe once they are empowered and equipped with the right knowledge and experience, they will influence many people in their churches, workplaces and within their families.

It is our privilege to help the young professionals develop their integrity and leadership skills to establish a new culture of leadership in Myanmar.


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