Younger Leaders Combating Poverty in the Philippines

DAI Younger Leaders

DAI’s commitment to partnerships comes with the benefit that we get to be a part of the work of groups like International Care Ministries (ICM).

by Caleb Overstreet, DAI Consultant Myanmar


ICM has been serving the ultrapoor, those living on less than 50 cents a day, throughout the Philippines for nearly 25 years, in partnership with pastors from thousands of slum communities.

In their commitment to support and equip these pastors, ICM reached out to DAI to provide a two-year leadership training program for 150 pastors in Palawan.

I travel regularly to the Philippines to work with these young pastors, who have great hearts for serving their communities but lack formal training. It’s a privilege to see them take what they’ve learned — such as servant leadership, use of power, strategic thinking, conflict resolution and more — and immediately apply it to combat poverty in their communities! 

When you equip a Christian leader the impact goes far beyond the individual. Invest in a young leader today to see ministries, communities and governments transformed.

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