Your support is making a difference in Nepal

DAI MAOL programAs you have likely heard, Nepal suffered another strong earthquake early this morning. Reports indicate that many were killed and thousands were injured. The people of Nepal are in great need – both physically and spiritually.

Thanks to generous donations, our Nepal team has been helping to provide much needed relief to some of Nepal’s most remote villages. Donations to DAI have already been used to help the people of Nepal by purchasing and distributing:

  • 400 tents
  • 405 tarps
  • 100 blankets
  • 180 mosquito nets
  • Sanitation items
  • 35 hygiene kits and medical training
  • Rice, oil, salt and lentils to hundreds
  • Clothes for women and children
  • Mats for sitting and sleeping on
  • Transportation to remote villages

For our work to have maximum effectiveness, we continue to collaborate and coordinate with others. Please pray for good cooperative relationships and that Christians across the country would be united in reaching out with practical help and love at this time.

There is a great sense of urgency in our relief work, but we also are aware that the sprint is turning into a marathon, with communities across Nepal needing ongoing support through the months (and years) of rebuilding to come.

To stay up-to-date on DAI-Nepal’s activities please visit or follow us on Facebook.

If you haven’t had a chance to donate, the need is still great. Please consider a $10 donation today to help purchase additional blankets and mosquito nets.


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