DAI is also helping organize relief work after the Beruit explosion last week. EquipNet is raising money for several local Lebanese ministries as they respond in their own country to the crisis.

What We Do

DAI, Development Associates International, focuses on developing a leader’s effectiveness and fostering their spiritual growth, with servant leadership as the core principle. DAI offers eighteen biblically-based courses to address the specific needs and issues facing Christian leaders living and working in majority world countries. The courses are offered through multi-session workshops, a master's degree program and free online learning. Those who participate experience a transformation that improves how they lead, which benefits their home, work and community.

Ministry Centers


Christian Leaders Served
in 2019

Where We Work

DAI works with leaders in over 80 countries, focusing on those places with the least access to the services DAI provides. We have divided these countries into nine regions to better address and support their unique needs.

Why It Matters

Until someone is taught differently, our leadership styles tend to mimic how we were parented and the culture around us. For example, in the developing world culture often dictates that leaders should be strong, powerful and controlling to be successful. We call it "big-boss" leadership. These leaders are taught to be more concerned about protecting their position than the people they lead and serve, whether in government, business, ministry or the church, which can lead to bigger issues of corruption, poverty and war.

When leaders learn the leadership style modeled after Jesus Christ, they choose to serve others from a place of spiritual connection and integrity, rather than power. The result is leaders who use their new knowledge and skills to improve the lives of those around them, multiplying the impact greatly.

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Stories of leaders impacted through DAI and the effect it has had in their communities

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Jane Overstreet Receives National award

Jane Overstreet Receives National award

Jane Overstreet Receives National Award
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