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DAI discovered that many leaders were hungry for our training but were unable to get to local workshops. Additionally, participation in our Master of Organizational Leadership program was difficult due to the time commitment away from their families and/or jobs. This led DAI to research alternatives to meet the needs of these leaders and DAI Institute was born.

Goal of DAI Institute

In a constantly changing technological world, we provide all courses free of charge and easily accessible online to Christian leaders almost anywhere in the world. We strive to provide interactive content that will aid in learning and serve leaders to grow in their skills and to develop new skills that will positively impact others.

Institute Course List

More courses added each year. Most courses are available in both a Video and Avatar version to address the different learning styles. Learn more at

The purpose of this course is to provide a framework for a leadership approach that is biblical and that adheres to the standards of servant leadership as demonstrated by Jesus Christ, which provides for greater effectiveness and demonstrates greater integrity in the approach to leadership.

Total Course Content: 10 hours 24 minute

This course is divided into 10 units:

1. Introduction to Servant Leadership 
2. Understanding Yourself
3. Power 
4. Developing Others 
5. Building Teams
6. Motivating Others for Excellence and Service
7. Leading Change
8. Mission, Vision and Values
9. Resolving Conflict
10. Integrity and Accountability

The purpose of this course is to prepare Christian leaders to facilitate training like DAI’s course material in their own context so that it results in changed hearts and practice that is consistent with an adult learning methodology. Part of the job of a leader is to enable others and to help them grow. Teaching adults is not simply about passing on the information and knowledge that we have but primarily about enabling and empowering others.

Total Course Content: 4 hours 37 minutes

This course is divided into 10 units:
1. Introducing Teaching and Learning
2. The Teaching Methods of Jesus
3. Thinking About Your Own Learning
4. Factors that Underpin Effective Learning
5. Using the Five Factors
6. Facilitating Effective Learning
7. Effective Learning Methods
8. The Learning Environment
9. Aids to Learning
10. Designing and Delivering Great Workshops

The purpose of this course is to provide clarity around different mentoring relationships, and an opportunity to develop essential competencies and characteristics of an effective Christ-like Mentor. It also addresses the role of the Mentee in seeking to become the Christ-like leader God designed them to be.

Total Course Content: 5 hours 30 minutes

This workshop is divided into 8 units.
1. Defining Mentoring
2. The Biblical Foundations of Mentoring
3. Exploring and Experiencing Mentoring
4. Storytelling in Mentoring
5. Listening Skills in Mentoring
6. Mentoring Agreements and Accountability
7. Common Questions and Next Steps
8. Conclusion

This course will provide students with new skills and increase their confidence in fundraising for their ministry or organization. The course also provides a practical approach for securing funds from local sources, including how to develop a “Case for Support”, which students can use as they share their funding needs with others in a variety of contexts.

Total Course Content: 3 hours 20 minutes

This course is divided into 12 units.

1. Introduction to Fund-Raising
2. Building a Biblical Foundation
3. The Changing Patterns of Ministry Funding
4. New Approaches to Funding
5. Where Can I Get Support From?
6. Why People Give
7. Why People Give: Communicating Vision and Need
8. Why People Give: Character and Track Record
9. Why People Give: Building Your "Case for Support"
10. Delivering Your "Case for Support"
11. Communicating Biblical Stewardship
12. Conclusion

The purpose is to invite leaders to go deeper into understanding God’s desire for men and women to be good stewards of their leadership gifts. Through exploring scripture, the Workshop will encourage us to work with God in freeing women and men to serve together in extending God’s Kingdom.

Total Course Content: 7 hours 40 minutes

This workshop is divided into 9 sessions:

1. Cultural Models of Leadership
2. God’s Perfect Plan: Relating And Working Together
3. God’s Perfect Plan For Us To Rule His Garden
4. Tragedy And Redemption
5. The Principles of Interpretation
6. Women And Men In Marriage
7. Women And Men Leading Churches Together
8. Exploring Next Steps

By the end of this course you will understand how to create you own curriculum by using the five elements that have been seen as making up a curriculum. These are the philosophical framework, the context of the learning program, the content, the activities, the materials, and the evaluation that is integrated throughout the program.

Total Course Content: 2 hours 41 minutes

This course is divided into 11 units:

1. Introduction and Framework
2. The Design Process
3. How Adults Learn
4. The Five Factors that Underpin Effective Learning
5. Subject, Audience, Purpose and Main Themes
6. Learning Outcomes
7. The Outline of the Course
8. Case Studies
9. Preparing to Write the Curriculum
10. Build Your Course
11. Conclusion

The history of the world is full of terrible reprisals between different ethnic groups. It is sad to witness an increasingly divided world with growing reactions against globalization recoil into negative ethnocentric and nationalistic identities. Given our shared existence on earth, and above all our shared life in eternity, we believe God wants us to explore the understanding of other cultures as part of worshiping Him. If we approach our understanding this way, we will be in awe of the very creator of us all.

By the end of this course you will understand how to define culture, ethnicity and diversity, show the Biblical foundations of diversity, understand that God created ‘All People’, explore the power of reconciliation and forgiveness and define and understand ‘Missio Dei’ - reconciliation as the mission of God.

The course content is: 4 hours and 54 minutes

The course is divided into 8 modules:

1. Cultural Models of Leadership
2. Creation and Fall
3. And God Created Diversity
4. Blessed to be a Blessing
5. Reconciliation and Forgiveness
6. The Church After Pentecost
7. Missio Dei - Reconciliation as the Mission of God
8. Conclusion

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