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DAI believes that leadership development is a lifelong process, which means that all leaders need to keep growing. One of the most effective ways of continuing to grow is both being mentored and mentoring others. 

DAI believes in “relational mentoring” that focuses on intentional friendship, discipleship, and skills coaching with the goal of helping each leader become all God intends for them to be. By modeling mentoring, teaching about it and encouraging every leader to mentor others, a culture of mentoring begins to thrive.

When a respected leader allows you to walk alongside them and you see what they do and how they do it, you become strengthened through this great affirmation act.



After our mentoring session it is for me like a new breath of air and hope. Earlier in the conflict, I just wanted out. Now I want to be able to deal with complex situations.



It is hard to put into words all that I have learned from my mentor. He provides wisdom, counsel, and in a way ‘security.’ I know I can manage without him, but when he is there I know that I can trust that things will be handled wisely and with justice.


Middle East

I know there is always someone I can call if I need counsel.


South Africa


DAI staff provide organizational consulting in the areas of leadership, strategic planning, organizational structure, financial development, financial accountability, adult learning, research, and evaluation. This consulting helps leaders and their ministries thrive.

In the US, DAI consultants work closely with churches to help them discover how to increase the effectiveness of their global ministries. Specifically DAI helps churches to: facilitate and develop effective cross-cultural partnerships; develop transformative short-term mission teams; evaluate new and existing partnerships and ministry opportunities and connect with leaders and ministries in the Majority World.


The DAI team came to us as servant-leaders and active listeners. They brought to us their cross-cultural acumen and global expertise. They leave behind a greater imagination (or vision) and a practical road map for Christ Community’s involvement in global ministry. DAI has been an absolute provision from the hand of God for our leaders and church. We highly recommend them.”

Jeanette Thomas

Pastor of Extension Ministries, Christ Community Evangelical Free Church, Kansas City

I am so appreciative of the support provided by DAI in our partnership in Uganda. The expertise and experience of their staff was a great encouragement to us. Their understanding of the cultural differences we were facing helped so much to guide our ministry in a God honoring direction. Our ministry partnership continues to flourish and we are appreciative of the DAI experience and support.”

Suzi Cave

Leader of Uganda Advisory Team, Cheyenne Hills Church, Cheyenne, Wyoming


DAI is committed to connecting leaders and their organizations to other ministries and resources in an effort to help them become as fruitful as possible. There are many things beyond leadership development needed by the leaders we serve. When we find out about such a need and realize a possible resource that will meet that need, we “connect” the two. This can take many forms, like agricultural expertise, water and sanitation contacts or books on a particular subject. Whatever the form, ‘connecting” always has a goal of more ministry impact for the communities being served.

In my second year, I held workshops and seminars using the material and knowledge received from DAI. We organized two clergy conferences with an emphasis on servant leadership characteristics and principles.


North Ankole Diocese, Uganda

DAI has been an amazing partner to us as an indigenous mission. They listen carefully to the voice of Christian leaders and their needs, adapt their leadership program to our suggestions and are always willing to lend a helping hand in fiscal sponsorship.

Dr. Alex Abraham

Director of Operation Agape - India