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East and Southern Africa is plagued with political coups, ethnic violence and oppressive dictators. The region is in need of a new kind of leadership that stands apart from the pervasive “Big Boss” model and addresses the corruption and the misuse of money that is devastating the region. This area is also home to a very young population in desperate need of positive and effective leadership role models, as well as training.


Through multi-session workshops, and the MAOL program, DAI “holds up the mirror” of scripture to help Christian leaders identify where they fall short. They have to ask themselves, “Which things in my leadership reflect my culture and experience, but do not reflect God’s values.” As God speaks to them on these issues, they begin to apply what they are learning into their leadership, begin to change, and begin to more accurately reflect God’s values. The result is thousands of men and women who are setting a new leadership example for their nation.


DAI South Africa began in 2000, offering workshops and consulting from its base in Cape Town.  The work has multiplied to other areas of the country, with a focus on university students and Church leaders.

DAI Uganda was founded in 2001 by Pastor Nicholas Wafula. After offering non-formal training to hundreds of leaders, Uganda was one of the first countries to offer the Master’s Degree in Organizational Leadership (MAOL), in partnership with Uganda Christian University in 2004. The MAOL program began in Kenya in 2009 in partnership with NEGST, (Now AIU, Africa International University). In recent years workshops, followed by mentoring and coaching, have been offered to senior Christian leaders throughout Kenya, Rwanda and South Sudan.

Allan Senyimba - Uganda

"The text book Unleader was so touching it changed me all round. As a Christian leader I have learnt that we exist as advocates for those we lead, to release them from their spiritual, economic, social and physical poverty and enable them to become responsible and fulfilled Christian adults."

Stephen Tangun - Uganda

"I now understand the basics of finance. This course strengthened me to be more accountable with my organizational funds and has improved my understanding of credibility and integrity."

Prize Magezi - Uganda

"This course has changed and shaped my leadership style for the better. I am very excited about everything I learnt in this course because I get to apply it first hand in my daily operations at work. I have also been able to use most of the knowledge that I acquired form this course to train and empower other leaders at the health facilities that my organization partners with. I am working on developing a leadership curriculum to supplement my organization's already existing management curriculum to empower and equip Health Center In-charges with the necessary skills and knowledge to successfully lead their staff teams."

Fredrick Matakidi - South Sudan

"I initially thought that a man was superior to a woman. However, this mentality has been submerged by the biblical truth and i now consider both gender as mutual partners who were created in God's image. I am now respectful and continue to be transformed as a result of undertaking this course."

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